Sunday, September 30, 2012

White-winged Dove in Claremont!

White-winged Dove,  Zenaida asiatica
Dude, you should be in southern Mexico by now, not suburban L.A.
Wow, all I did was take the Basset Hound out for her morning walk.  Well, okay, it is fall migration, and I did take binoculars with me.  Here's the thing, though: I was already done checking all of the trees in my neighboorhood park for small passerine migrants hiding up, inside the trees, and there wasn't much there. 
Then, when I was walking the dog home I noticed this weird pigeon with a long, hooked bill, and said "What the hell is that?"

When I got the bird through my binos, I just about peed in my pants.
Then, to kick it up a notch, the bird left the park, flew south, and landed on the roof of my house!  Of all the houses in the neighborhood, it landed on mine.  Unbuhleevable.
The nearest White-winged Dove breeding population is at the Salton Sea. 

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