Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Hoochy Mamas on my Train

I ride the metrolink train to work.  The majority of my fellow commuters from the Inland Empire (also known as "The 909") are women who work in jobs at large corporations, city, county, state, and federal jobs in downtown L.A.  A sizeable percentage of them dress not as if they were on the way to work.  They dress as if they were on the way to a bar looking for someone (a guy) to take them home.

Call me old-fashioned.

Well, it's not just me.  Mercifully, my employer frowns on such attire, so I'm not exposed to such (un)dress (along with 9 inch stilletto heels, and tattoos in embarassing places) in my workplace. 

I've often wondered why women dress like that when they're at work, or shopping at Target.  Now I know why.  While reading an essay by Slavo Zizek, I ran across this link to an article by his colleague, Susan J. Douglas.  She points out uncomfortable data and statistics that would stop Rush Limbaugh in his tracks. 

Speaking of Rush, Jay Leno said somethig awsome last night: "Rush Limbaugh got married this weekend.  His fourth marriage.  She's 30, and he's 59.  You know what that means?  When she's 40, he'll be with his 7th wife!"

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